The Asian Bride

As an Asian Bride you’ll have a great deal to think about for your perfect day. Below are just some of the many things you will need to think about for your Asian wedding.

Fashion & Beauty

An Asian Bride always like any other bride wants her dress to be the centrepiece of her big day. South Asians tend to have several ceremonies prior to the ‘big day’ so ensuring that you choose the right selection of clothing is paramount.  Browsing through the site will hopefully give you an idea of trends for 2011, whats in and whats hot! For more information you can go directly to the Asian wedding fashion pages. Lehengas, cholis, churidars, sarees, pyjama suits etc, its all there.

Bridal Makeup for an Asian Woman

Good makeup can either enhance your features or really mess up the look.  It’s important to choose a wedding makeup artist who has a good degree of experience and one who comes with some credibility.  You can visit the asian bridal makeup page to learn more.

Wedding Events

There are plenty of glossy magazines and flashy websites that an asian bride can look at all day but, sometimes all we need is to speak to someone in the business. There are many Asian bride shows that are held up and down the country from London, Birmingham and Manchester.  If you need a fashion fix you might want to book some tickets and pop along and actually get to see some of the exhibitors you see on your favourite asian TV channels.

Traditions and Customs

Regardless of which part of South Asia you or your background is from, you will no doubt have some kind of customs or traditions that you may want to adopt in addition to your religious beliefs.

Venues & Entertainment

No wedding would be complete without some kind of entertainment.  This could be anything from a CD player with speakers to the full works comprising of several DJs (some famous names if you can afford it), pyrotechnics and a sound system to make it sound like a nightclub.  This depends on the credibility of the firm in question as well as the time of year. Be prepared to pay top dollar.  Read more on our Asian entertainment section.

Catering and Decor at Asian Weddings

Over the last decade, the level of quality and excellence from catering has come leaps and bounds.  Gone are the days when we used to use paper plates and cups on tables which were used at the local community centre.  You now have the ability to hire bone china plates and exquisite cutlery and table decor to match the layout of the venue.  Take it a step further and some Asian families even hire wedding planners to ensure that the big day is completely flawless.
The underlying recipes are still the same but have become a lot more classy.  Out go the one course main and sweet rice and in come complete three, four and even five course meals to cater for every palate.  Vegetarian to Halal are catered for.  You can learn more about food or decor in the relevant sections.
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